Noah Cyrus Celebrates Mom’s Birthday by Sharing Throwback Photo

Instagram // @tishcyruspurcell

Noah Cyrus recently took to Instagram to commemorate her mother Tish’s 57th birthday in a heartfelt manner. Noah shared a nostalgic throwback photo, evoking memories of shared laughter and affectionate moments, which surprised fans after there were rumors that Noah and some of her family members were estranged.

Noah Cyrus’ Post

The photo, capturing a young Noah alongside Tish, exuded warmth and affection, serving as a poignant reminder to followers of the enduring love that transcends any challenges the family may encounter.

In a simple yet powerful way, Noah’s post encapsulated the essence of their bond, resonating with audiences and affirming the significance of familial love and unity.

Navigating Speculation and Rumors

As rumors swirl about potential estrangement and tension within the Cyrus family, Noah’s birthday message for her mother took on added significance. There’s been a shadow cast over the family’s public image, leading to widespread speculation about their dynamics.

Instagram // @tishcyruspurcell

Despite the challenges and rumors, Noah’s photo served as a way to show her respect and love for her mom. It came at a time when fans were wondering whether the two were even getting along.

Resilience Amidst Scrutiny

Tish married Dominic Purcell in 2023, and fans expected Noah to be upset since she had previously dated him herself. Noah and her brother didn’t attend the wedding, but Miley, Brandi, and Trace, Noah’s other siblings, did.

As the Cyrus family grapples with their internal issues, there remains hope for them to resolve everything and stay strong as a family in the public eye. Noah’s post for her mom’s birthday shows that there are no hard feelings on her end, and she’s publicly clapped backs many times, implying that the drama is made up.

Being an Almond Mom Is Not Considered Healthy Parenting

There are already so many different styles of parenting – some widely accepted, others not. Because of social media channels like TikTok, Instagram and others, all such styles get their own labels. The latest style that started from Gigi Hadid’s mother – Yolanda Hadid, now has the label ‘almond mom,’ and it’s not everyone’s favorite style. It promotes unhealthy eating habits for children, but there are ways to avoid it.

Avoid Food-Shaming Children

If you had a tough upbringing where your parents were strict about what you put in your stomach, it doesn’t mean you have to project that onto your children. Be gentle with the little ones – don’t yell and scold them for eating what they want. There are healthier ways to get your kid to eat better, and it’s definitely not food shaming!

Ignore The Scale

When you’re constantly relying on the scale to tell you your weight – you tend to focus only on that. That’s the wrong approach to being healthy. Avoid the number – ignore it. It’s not about that. You and your children should focus on feeling good about yourselves and being healthy. Don’t be an almond mom – instead, provide the right food for your children’s bodies – don’t focus on whatever the scale says.

Meal Prep as a Family

Scolding children and nagging them about eating a particular food item and avoiding another isn’t the best way to get your kids interested in eating right. However, if you involved them in your meal prep, that might pique their interest. You can avoid being an almond mom – just be a regular mom, involving your kids in healthy eating!

Don’t Be an Almond Mom

It’s important how you act in front of your children because, from a young age, they love to copy their parents and will copy everything you do. That includes what you eat. If you don’t want to be a bad parent and teach your kids a highly unhealthy method of being thin – you need to avoid certain things yourself. Eat healthily, don’t keep yourself from your favorite food, and emphasize feeling good, being healthy, and still eating what you want!

Kids get all their eating habits and confidence about their weight from their parents at an early age. That’s why if you can avoid focusing on certain factors like the numbers on the scale or shaming your kid into eating what you want – it’d make the entire atmosphere more pleasant for the family. Don’t be an almond mom – teach your kids how to be healthy and beautiful!