A Divided Opinion Spread Like Wildfire About a Jumping Child

Kid Jumping in a Plane

A small child caused quite an uproar when he was spotted by fellow parents jumping up and down on the tiny tray table on an eight-hour flight. These parents let their child bounce on the tray table, and the viral footage posted on Reddit caused a divided opinion among parents. Longer flights can be exceptionally boring even if you’re an adult – what’s left for a small child to do?

More Than One Agreeable Opinion

Some people agreed they would do something similar if they had to travel with a small child. One of the defenders even went on to write that his child would do the same, and while his wife wants to travel for long hours, he’d rather not because he wouldn’t know how to handle it. Another person said they would just let the child be and pay no attention. However, few didn’t mind the situation or agreed they would probably let their child behave similarly to keep it entertained during such a long flight.

Some People Were Not Happy

There is always a difference of opinion in less-than-standard situations, and there were people who were not happy with this particular one either. Many pointed out the dangers of a child being let loose during the flight. Others commented they would feel like a failed parent if their child behaved that way and they couldn’t handle it. One person even went as far as to say he’s surprised there are no child-free flights. A lot of people were unimpressed with these particular parents.

What would you do in such a situation? If you had to travel with a small child, how would you handle their energy level? Many would let the child roam free, and some would make the child sit still somehow. It’s a difference of opinion, and people shouldn’t get nosy unless it’s affecting them personally!